Motherload Pro Range


The first of the Sequis pro-audio products was the 2 channel Motherload. This unit had 1 dummy load driving 2 channels of versatile filters designed for musical speaker emulation. This was a ground breaking product that set the standards for amp loading, speaker attenuation and speaker emulation.

The origional 2 channel Motherload:

The 1u Motherload followed, with some tweaks to the filters:

The Motherload pro range rack mounted series are the ultimate tools to capture and refine all that you, your instrument and your amplifier can create. The integral reactive load, attenuator and wonderful passive analogue variable filters together constitutes a major tonal conspiracy against the limitations of the small studio and the inconsistency of live sound. The Motherload is housed in a handsome 1u rack mount case.

The Motherload can add warmth and body to most electronic instruments. The sources can be amplifier outputs or line signals and facilities are provided for the experimenter to add processing at post – amplifier stages of the signal chain.

Motherloads are used wherever sound matters.

The Motherload features – a reactive dummy load – a variable speaker output – thru connections for conventional backline – line inputs – balanced line outputs – passive analogue studio quality electronics -distortion shaping and tonal response controls – preset responses for stage use – 1u rack mount case.

Some benefits Motherload users enjoy:

  • Backline volume from zero to whatever you wish, mono or stereo, guitar cab or mini pa style.
  • Glorious sound from one amp into dummy load or connected through to cab.
  • Phenomenal sound through pa systems, controlled from stage or f.o.h.
  • Place fx between instrument and amp, amp loop, amp output and speaker or after speaker.
  • Practice and record real guitar sound anywhere, any time without disturbing anyone.
  • Get more range from bass, baritone, detuned and conventional instruments, with real depth and tightness.
  • A compact, self contained rack can be realised that will meet the needs of sessions, home projects and stage.
  • Existing recorded tracks can be enhanced by re-recording through the Motherload.
  • Your favourite ‘tone’ amp can be used in any situation, regardless of how small or large.
  • The construction of routing and patching systems is greatly simplified.
  • Switching between instruments can be made much more effective by using the Motherload.

Mods and upgrades are available for all Motherloads, taking advantage of our latest developements. These can be a very cost effective way into a new range of tones.