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Motherload Elemental

Our new design, the ‘Motherload Elemental’, is now available. This easy to use unit combines an upgraded version of the Richter Control attenuator with Motherload versalility and sonic qualities all in one compact package. The Elemental is a dummy load, speaker attenuator and speaker emulating D.I. for guitar and bass. All of this is achieved in a format as near to plug and play as is possible while maintaining tone and feel.

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Sample the true sound of Motherload

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Key Features:

  • unspoilt sound, consistent in dynamics and tone
  • 2 range attenuation output: 0-12% and 12-50%
  • signal and overload indication
  • 4, 8 & 16 Ohm options
  • 2 speaker outputs in parallel for full stack connection
  • operate as a dummy load (without speakers) for silent recording.
  • powerful speaker simulations from a single blend control
  • speaker sounds based on Celestion Blue, modern 4×12 and bass cabs
  • centre to edge mic simulation
  • send and return connections… and much much more!
The Sequis Motherload has been lauded by guitar‑amp connoisseurs the world over
Ben Thomas – The Performing Musician magazine

Some of our customers

Martin Kent

‘ACE’ Martin Kent, guitarist, composer

Ben Symmonds

Benjamin Symons, guitarist, composer, Malefice, Skunk Anansie

Mike Hogan

Cranberries, guitars, bass

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