Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a Dummy Load?

    a) A device that takes the place of a speaker connected to the output of an amplifier, to allow the amplifier to operate silently for test purposes or to use the output as a purely electronic signal which can be attenuated to whatever level is needed.
  2. What’s the difference between Motherload Pro and Elemental?

    a) The Motherload Elemental has a much wider range speaker attenuator to suit stage and studio use. The cab emulation filters are fixed networks with specific variables for simple, reliable setup. The rack mount pro units were configured for studio use, with a low output speaker attenuator and interactive fully variable filters.
  3. Does the Motherload draw a lot of power?

    a) All Motherloads are passive devices, they need no power supply.
  4. Does the Elemental send and return loop affect the speaker output?   

    a) No, the Elemental speaker outputs are integrated with the load circuits when a speaker is connected. The send and return are line level connections, they are separated from the power amp levels of the speaker outputs.
  5. I have a full stack rig, with 2 x 16ohm cabs, so I set my amp output to 8ohms for large gigs. When I am in my studio, practicing or playing small venues I run the amp on 16ohms and use 1 cab. Which Motherload Elemental should I get, 8 or 16?

    a) We can supply a ‘Ballast box’ that takes the place of a cab when connected to the Elemental cab outputs. So if you buy an 8R Elemental you can drive 2 x 16R cabs or 1 x 16R cab + Ballast box. Email or call to check your application for correct impedance and cost, normally £30 inc.
  6. My amp puts out way more than 100watts. Can the Elemental take it? 

    a) The Elemental will take the output of any ’100W’ amps, which includes to extra margin of power. The unit will get hot when driven by 150W of saturated overdrive, but it will not break!
  7. Can I use the 2 balanced outputs at the same time?

    a) Yes, they are separate windings on a substantial transformer. the XLR output is controlled by the front panel control, the stereo jack output is full level. Both are balanced.
  8. What sort of cable should I use to connect to the Elemental?

    a) Use heavy duty speaker cable to connect amplifier outputs to the Elemental load input, and also to connect cabs to the Elemental speaker attenuator outputs. The balanced line outputs are best connected using balanced (2 cores + screen) cables, a standard mic cable for the XLR output is ideal, a balanced line jack lead will suit the jack output. If you have to connect the Elemental line outputs to an unbalanced input then you can use a mono jack to jack, eg. a guitar lead, or an XLR cable with pin 2 or 3 connected to the braid. If you have an XLR to mono Jack cable it will probably be suitable.
  9. Can I use the Elemental without a speaker?

    a) Yes, it makes no difference to the amp loading or the cab simulation.