Martin Kent

‘ACE’ Martin Kent, guitarist, composer

Ben Symmonds

Benjamin Symons, guitarist, composer, Malefice, Skunk Anansie

Mike Hogan

Cranberries, guitars, bass

Dom Brown

Dom Brown, guitarist, Duran Duran


Keane, singer, guitarist, clean-stage performances

Nick Kershaw

Nik Kershaw, guitarist, composer

Richard Fortus

Richard Fortus, guitarist, Guns’n’roses, Thin Lizzy

Scott Gorham

Scott Gorham, guitarist, Thin Lizzy


Supergrass, ‘silent disco’ style gigs

Some more of our satisfied customers and users of Motherload equipment:

  • Cenzo Townsend, mixing studio
  • Chris Denman, engineer, XFM London
  • Carl Gjerdrum, guitarist, Pungent Stench death metal band
  • Carl Rydlund, gutarist, Hollywood film soundtrack composer
  • Guitarist Magazine demo studio
  • Jan Akkerman, guitarist, composer
  • Jan Cyrka, guitarist, composer
  • Jack Ruston, producer
  • James Eller, bass, Saez
  • James Payze, guitarist, engineer
  • Jean Paul Riva, Mind Dream Music
  • Joe Barresi, engineer, producer
  • Jonny Scaramanga, guitarist, journalist for Guitar Techniques
  • Kevin Bacon, producer, bass player, Rak studios
  • Lee Hogson, guitarist, tutor for the Guitar Institute
  • Mark Harwood, engineer, producer, bass player, Spring Vale Studios
  • Mercenary Audio, engineers, pro audio
  • Michael Palmer, guitarist, media soundtrack producer
  • Mike Levine, guitarist, keyboard player, reviewer, editor for Electronic Musician
  • Nick Skampas, guitarist
  • Phil Harris, guitarist, equipment hire
  • ‘Pin’ Graham Pinney, guitarist, Sikth and Aliases
  • Owen Morris, producer
  • Rabbi, guitarist, Bollywood producer
  • Sound On Sound magazine studio
  • Sam Parker, foh engineer, Groove Armada, Hard Fi
  • Stunted Records, studio, management
  • Tim Wills, musician, engineer, producer, Metropolis Studios
  • The Hotrats, ‘silent disco’ style gigs
  • The late Rob Braviner, engineer, Fairport Convention
  • Tim Boardman, tour manager, equipment tech
  • Tony Selinger, foh, touring
  • Waynne Smart, engineer, tour manager, Gratitude Music
  • Wolsey White, producer
  • 3EB Touring Inc.

We have many satisfied customers here in the UK and abroad in:

The Irish Republic, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Baleares, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland,
Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Canary Isles, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Russia, India, Australia and The