About Sequis

The makers of Motherload Elemental

Sequis began in 1990 as a supplier of engineering services to the electronics industry, specialising in automated surface mount equipment. Drawing on past experience in process control, physics and engineering, some commissioned product design and production were taken on and the nature of the business changed.

Having had a lifetime’s fascination with guitars, equipment and sound, it was inevitable that I would look in that direction for future projects. Occasionally bumping into Dave Gladdon, a guitar maker and pro-audio dealer, led to discussions about dummy loads and speaker emulation, and the challenges still to be met.

After some experiments and trials I concluded that the existing techniques employed for speaker emulation and attenuation did not, and were unlikely to, yield natural, authentic results. Having accumulated a head full of guitar sounds from live and recorded music, my benchmark was built-in. It would be pointless to join the morass of compromises already there, this had to be build from the foundations up.

Dummy loads were built and tried, greatly assisted by Dave’s ears and collection of guitars and amplifiers. It was immediately apparent when the load was right, and when it was right nothing could improve it, so we had our foundation to build on.